BlueLAMP – modified LED lantern

This is LED lantern modification project. I take this “kosa 6011 LED” camping lantern and made a deep modification – replaced all the internals with custom made ones – colorful piranha LEDs, PWM-controlled by STM32F103 microcontroller. Then I made a custom firmware for it with different operating modes – like flame imitation and various types of color change algorithms. See more details in the video below.

This is the original lantern (on the left) and the modified one (on the right).

You can download the project files here:

This ain’t a commercial project and I’m not going to monetize it, so I decided to share my project files, if someone will like to repeat it or use it for own education.

I’m not sure this LED lantern is available outside Russia/CIS with the same name “kosa c6011 LED”, but since it is a Chinese-made thing, I’m pretty sure it available under some different name / brand.

Check this video about the project, I made 2 versions of the video.

English version:

Russian version: