BlueARP v2.3.5 released


  1. Added “rotate keys” option in input filter section. Experimental.
  2. Improved chord detection logic, made in collaboration with Saif Sameer (aka phreaque at kvr)
  3. Improved chord-derived scales (still experimental, but should give more musical result)
  4. Introducing VST3 version for both Windows and OSX (yet beta, may be much buggier than VST2)
  5. Windows XP support is back (for 32-bit VST2 only). Tested in WinXP SP3
  6. GUI optimization: now BlueARP will load GUI and create all GUI elements only on 1st editor opening,
    otherwise it won’t load GUI, it speeds loading each instance a bit (for 0.2 .. 0.6 seconds)
  7. New “Channel per step” option. GATE TIME lane now has a switch, can be switched to channel per step mode.
  8. Plugin ID for VST2 version on Win changed from ‘7dWx’ to ‘BArp’ to make it the same for all versions