BlueARP v2.3.6 released

ChangeLog: Fixed crash in Ableton Live11 / Windows, VST3 version Added options to enable/disable dummy audio outputs for VST2 and VST3 versions(some DAWs can’t handle pure MIDI plugins with 0 audio ins and outs) Updated ‘ReadMe (How to install).rtf’ Fixed crash on OSX, VST2 x64 in Ableton Live 10 Likely fixed audio buzz problem in … Read more

BlueARP v2.3.5 released

ChangeLog: Added “rotate keys” option in input filter section. Experimental. Improved chord detection logic, made in collaboration with Saif Sameer (aka phreaque at kvr) Improved chord-derived scales (still experimental, but should give more musical result) Introducing VST3 version for both Windows and OSX (yet beta, may be much buggier than VST2) Windows XP support is … Read more

BlueARP v2.3.2 released

ChangeLog: 1. Refined ‘Random’ STEP TYPE logic. For 3+ input keys, randomized excludes note repetitions, so it will be like k1-k3-k2-k3-k1-k2 but never like k1-k1-k1-k3-k2-k2-k3 2. Changed ‘arp latch’ logic. Now it will re-scan input keys on each new key press. Old logic is available via ‘latch mode’ setting 3. Updated English manual to v.2.3.2 … Read more

BlueARP updated to v.2.3.0

— BlueARP v2.3.0 / 25-Apr-2020 (patch format ver = 17) — Mostly GUI improvements 1. Reworked GUI skinning and scaling engine: a) New GUI font: Oxanium (embedded into package, no need to install) b) Pixel-precise font alignment, both on WIN amd OSX c) new skins: OMG DarkBlue and others (in skins\default.ini) 2. Fixed sync issues … Read more

BlueARP updated to v2.2.7

Changes in v2.2.7 1. Added setting for PBend/MWheel/ATouch/OtherCC pass thru 2. BugFix: bluearp didn’t report param change back to host, so automating in FL via ‘Last changed parameter’ didn’t work 3. Checked and improved patch compatibility back to v2.15 Fixed some bugs in conversion 2.2.5 -> 2.2.6 (it was wrong with midi in ch, midi … Read more

BlueARP updated to v2.2.5

Changes in v2.2.5 1. Tabs for the left panel (to place all the controls) 2. Bank format reworked (now it’s more like riff file format), for better further compatibility 3. Some fixes to MIDI engine 4. New options ‘force to scale: mode’. When set to ‘semi-transposed’, only keys with non-zero scale step will be forced … Read more

BlueARP updated to v2.2.4

Changes in BlueARP v2.2.4 Some changes and bugfixes in MIDI engine Bank select method for chain – now configurable – ctrl 0, ctrl 32, ctrl 0+32 bugfix for octave and key select automation Copy\paste for chains and programs

BlueARP updated to v2.16

Changes in BlueARP v2.16: – OCTAVE polyphonic feature, see this demo – updated manual – some fixes in pattern chain logic PS. Now working in BlueARP AU (Audio Unit) version, hopefilly it will be available in a few weeks.

BlueARP updated to v2.12

This version is quite experimental, better use it separately (rename .dll) I introdiced quite a lot of changes but didn’t finish testing. The main thing – I started refining ‘force to scale’ stuff since I finished it with chains. Changes: 1. Added ‘prog change msg’ in MENU->Settings. Ignore – BlueARP ignores program change MIDI messages. … Read more