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BlueARP updated to v2.2.7

Changes in v2.2.7

1. Added setting for PBend/MWheel/ATouch/OtherCC pass thru
2. BugFix: bluearp didn’t report param change back to host, so automating in FL
via ‘Last changed parameter’ didn’t work
3. Checked and improved patch compatibility back to v2.15
Fixed some bugs in conversion 2.2.5 -> 2.2.6 (it was wrong with midi in ch, midi out ch, curChain)

Update: BlueARP v2.2.5, Windows & OSX

Changes in v2.2.5

1. Tabs for the left panel (to place all the controls)
2. Bank format reworked (now it’s more like riff file format), for better further compatibility
3. Some fixes to MIDI engine
4. New options ‘force to scale: mode’. When set to ‘semi-transposed’, only keys with
non-zero scale step will be forced to scale
5. New randomize options – velocity, gate and start time
6. Reworked factory bank

Update: BlueARP v2.12 (Win&OSX)

This version is quite experimental, better use it separately (rename .dll)
I introdiced quite a lot of changes but didn’t finish testing.
The main thing – I started refining ‘force to scale’ stuff since I finished it with chains.

1. Added ‘prog change msg’ in MENU->Settings. Ignore – BlueARP ignores program change MIDI messages. Other options are ‘set program’ (bluearp sets it’s program in response) and ‘pass to synth’ (bluearp does nothing, but passes this message to synth)
2. Added ‘scale step’ value bar. Works like ‘semitone’ bar, but sets per-step transposition in scale steps. Works when ‘force to scale: scale’ is not ‘off’
3. Key select = ‘Chord’ – moved to ‘Step type’ value bar.
4. Key select – added ‘Root’ value. It’s a root key of the detected chord, no matter what order algorithm is.

Bank format has changed, but I wrote the conversion routine, so theoretically new version should pick up projects saved in ver 2.11. I tested it in FL. But again – it’s experimantal. For production, better stay on 2.11